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All Natural Pet Treats Delivered to Your Door

About Pet Nibbles

Pet Nibbles is all about homemade all natural pet treats! We make them, package them, and then deliver these fantastic treats directly to you. We are a small family business located in Souther Indiana, and use only the best ingredients for your pet. We are constantly seeking out new recipes for healthy homemade treats for both cats and dogs. 

How It Works

All you have to do is select your pet type, box size, and subscription plan. Each month you'll get a new package of treats delivered directly to your door. Your package will include the most popular pet treat flavors, as well as a new flavor each month. The flavor of the month varies based upon the season and the fresh ingredients available that time of year. 

Don't worry, if you don't want to subscribe, we offer many of our treats al a carte! Feel free to buy a package or two, and keep an eye out for our specials. 

Why We Care

Our family has an Shih Tzu named Madison. She is part of our family, and when it comes to pet food, we always try to give her the best. After all, she is family! You wouldn't feed your family food full of unhealthy fillers and harmful ingredients would you? Did you know that many of the treats out on the market today use ingredients that are sourced from overseas? These are ingredients that are derived from cast aside waste products. Terrible!

Many pet food by-products are put through horrific treatment methods to "make them safe for animals". Besides this, a bunch of the over-the-counter pet treats contain ingredients that are detrimental to your pet's health. Take a moment next time you buy a pet treat in the store and carefully check the labeling. When we discovered what was in many of these pet treats, we set out to create treats made from all natural, locally sourced ingredients, and our Alli loves them! 

But why stop with just dogs? Cats are family too! We have treats that include the best ingredients for cats, and they go crazy over our fresh homemade treats. Sadly, we lost our cat Olivia a couple of years back to feline cancer, and while we cannot tie the cancer directly to big box brand food, we know that it had something to do with it. Her life was cut way too short. The list of bad ingredients made from discarded by-products in cat food is extensive. We only wish we would have wised up in time. 

What Ingredients We Use

We shop our local markets for fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as seek out healthy grains and meats. Some ingredients are seasonal, so we look to create new and exciting flavors for your pet to offer up as treats throughout the year that coincide with the best seasons for the ingredients we source. 

Pet Nibbles offers so many flavors that your pets will love

With 17 different flavors, your pets will love all the variety of their treats. Some of the different flavors are the following: apples and carrots, apples and cheddar, cheesy bits, peanut butter cookies, cinnamon and honey – all healthy with crude protein being the first ingredient and just the right amount of fat and moisture to make them healthy and hearty!

How We Give Back

We support our local animal shelters and charities through our business. Each month we give away pet treats to local shelters, as well as a portion of our proceeds. We are always seeking new partnership and sponsor opportunities that coincide with the Pet Nibbles vision to provide healthy homemade pet treats to our customers made right here in America, while supporting local community farmers and markets. As we grow, with your help and support, we plan on working to expand our vision to create jobs in our local communities for hard working families.

From our family to yours, we thank you!

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