Nutritional Demands and Feeding Your Dog an All Natural Diet

All Natural Pet Treats and Diet

If your dog suffers from allergic reactions, health problems, or have unique caloric demands, then you may want to provide him with an all natural diet plan. Several industrial kibble brands are not nutritionally sound. A natural diet can completely replace your dog's food, or it can be used as a supplement. There are a number of advantages that you can reap by providing your dog with an all-natural diet regimen.

Consider Nutritional Demands

A non-working dog should have 30 to 50 percent of their daily calories derived from sources of protein. Roughly 12 percent of it should come from fats. The rest should come from vegetables or supplements. Working dogs, or dogs that are daily subjected to strenuous activity, will require more protein. You will also need to consider the weight of the dog when it comes to portion control. For a sedentary dog, feed it 1 to 3 percent of its total body weight. For example, a large breed dog that is 100 pounds will need 1 to 3 pounds of food per day. You can also consult the advice of a veterinarian to understand the caloric and a dietary needs of your particular dog breed.

All of the ingredients for natural, homemade dog meals can be purchased at your grocery store. However, to ensure the integrity of the ingredients, it is advised to purchase food from locally sourced markets. There are also a number of dog food brands that have jumped into the natural bandwagon, making organic meals and dog kibble. The all-natural dog kibble could be used as the dog's main meal or can be provided as a supplement to its normal dog kibble. Natural dog food will be free of preservatives and fillers that can potentially cause an allergic reaction.

Natural Dog Food Advantages

Dogs that obtain most of its nutrition from organic sources will tend to live healthier and longer lives. Your dog will benefit from an improved lifespan, more regular bowel movements, and a soft outer coat. Feces will also be void of very offensive odors, and you will find that there will be well formed.

All-Natural Diet: Cautions

You will have to be mindful when feeding your dog an organic diet. It is important that the dog obtains its required vitamins and minerals when hand preparing your dog's food. You can purchase a supplement powder that you can spray over a dog's meal to guarantee that it is obtaining all of its nutritional needs. Your dog will require a daily dose of magnesium, calcium, mega fatty acids, and a large range of vitamins. If you're not sure about the specific vitamin and nutritional needs, you can consult the help of a dog nutritionalist.

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