How to Pick the Best Pet Treats for Your Pampered Companion

Healthy Pet Treats

One of our favorite ways to show our pets that we love them is by feeding them tasty morsels. Unfortunately, it is too easy to become overwhelmed in the treat aisle of the local pet, grocery or big box store. With entire aisles dedicated to pet treats, knowing which to choose is confusing at best. So how do you choose? When you follow a few simple tips, the process becomes an easier one.

Read the Ingredients

Flashy colors and cute cartoons are meant to attract the human eye; your dogs and cats couldn't care less what their package of treats looks like. Try to see beyond the packaging when picking out treats for your furry kids.

Flip the bag, box or canister over and take a look at the ingredients. Can you pronounce everything in the list? Does the list contain only a handful of ingredients? If you can answer "yes" to both of these questions, you are on the right track.

Known Allergens

If your pet has food sensitivities, be sure that no bothersome ingredients are contained in the treats you choose. If your dog is allergic to chicken, for example, stay away from any treats that list chicken, poultry, or animal fat. In fact, stay away from these big box store treats altogether. A store that sells homemade treats is a far better choice. You will have a greater selection of treats that your pet will not react to.

Calorie Content

Be very aware of the calorie content in your pets' treats; it's something most people don't pay attention to. Obesity is one of the biggest health issues that pets face. If you are the type of owner that hands out treats frequently, your pet will soon be overweight. Just like people, pets find it far more difficult to take weight off than they do to pack it on.

Country of Manufacture

It's unfortunate that we have to pay such close attention to where our pet products are made and manufactured, but it is a fact that we do. Look closely at the treat package to locate where the treat was made. Conscientious pet owners only purchase treats with ingredients sourced in the USA. Some pet owners go a step further and look for treats made with locally-sourced ingredients. In light of recent recalls and pet deaths, it is imperative to stay away from treats made in China.

If you follow this short list of tips, you quickly and easily narrow down your list of pet treats. Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news and opinions in the world of pet food. The health of your pet is our first priority.

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