Grain Free Dog Treats

grain free dog treats

Our 6-year-old German Shepherd mix, Juno, is a spunky, smart and sometimes stubborn little rascal with an intense love of balls. When in the presence of a ball, she can amuse herself for hours at a time. Her unstoppable drive to play is truly inspirational! While she believes that balls are life’s single key to happiness, we know that her overall wellbeing also requires a healthy diet, adventures in the sunshine and plenty of hugs. While the exercise and the hugs are pretty straightforward, figuring out the perfect diet for Juno was a little bit tricky. We noticed she was sensitive to conventional dog food ingredients. This intolerance exhibited itself through symptoms such as lethargy and gas. After experimenting with her food, we determined that a grain free diet was her best option. With a higher percentage of her calories coming from meat protein and vegetables, she can now easily sustain energy levels necessary for normal dog activity. (Meaning more energy spent chasing those balls!) 

Juno is a modern pet, who, by following a grain free diet, is connected to her ancestral kin. Just 75 years ago, pets were not commonly fed commercially produced food. This modern product maximizes profit by pumping the chow with cheap fillers such as corn and other grains. Since dogs evolved to eat mostly raw meat and vegetables, conventional dog food demonstrates a step away from their natural diets. Some dogs' digestive systems are less comfortable with these relatively newer ingredients. If you're concerned about the dietary needs of your pup, be sure to consult your vet. Each dog will require a different approach towards overall health. Juno, for one, is a happier dog with her grain free diet and you may find that your dog is, too. 

Since becoming more popular with dog owners, grain free dog treats and other products are available at most pet supply stores, making this particular diet easy to implement. Between meals Juno enjoys wholesome, natural dog treats devoid of corn and wheat. These snacks-on-the-go support the grain-free lifestyle and offer many other benefits including: 


  • Maximized feeling of fullness and satiation, resulting in less frequent and smaller meals
  • More comfortable digestion
  • Suitable for dogs with grain allergies
  • Increased energy levels
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Reduced shedding
  • Lighter, fresher doggie breath
  • Noticeable reduction in bloating and flatulence

For humans, the benefits of grain free, natural dog treats continue:

Handy, portable and convenient

  • An easy way for dog sitters and walkers to also support your dog's special diet
  • Clear ingredient list helps when closely monitoring your dog's digestive and metabolic systems
  • Peace of mind in knowing that we are offering our dogs a high-quality, nutrient dense snack

Depending on the individual needs of your dog, grain free dog treats can be an excellent way to provide a healthy and convenient snack for your beloved pup. For Juno, changing her diet to incorporate more grain free options gave her more energy, a healthier digestive system and an observable boost of comfort. She spends more time chasing balls and has more opportunities to show off her remarkable skills. She's truly a happy dog from the inside out!

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